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Preparation for Treatment

  • Please do not arrive on an empty stomach before your treatment as it may affect your body's condition.

  • Please wear loose clothing for your treatment.

  • For handicapped patients or patients requiring special care, please inform us of your needs before the treatment.

Appointment Rescheduling or Cancellation

  • For rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment, we request a minimum of 24-hours notice before the time of your appointment, otherwise the full payment of "no show" fee will be applied.

Payment Methods and Insurance Reimbursement

  • We accept major Credit and Debit cards. Payment is due at time of treatment rendered.

  • If you have extended healthcare coverage, you can pay directly to us and follow up with your insurance company for reimbursement with our clinic invoice.

  • We do direct billing through Telus e-Claim, Blue Cross and Claim Exchange. However, it's client's responsibility to verify with the insurance company if or not your insurance plan allows direct billing from the third party.

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