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In case patient is not comfortable with sterile needles, we offer laser Acupuncture to work on the selected acupoints to achieve the same result as the traditional needles.

Renowned experience in Pulsed Laser




The 905nm infra-red emission passes through the skin barrier and reaches the deep cells, entering entirely safely without being absorbed by skin water, haemoglobin or melanin.


Peak Value


The laser beam is emitted as short impulses of high peak power. This method of emission gives the laser beam the necessary power to enter tissues entirely safely with no destructive heat effect, carrying the useful information to the site point.

Adjustable power


15 or 40 Watts power is adjustable depending on the desired depths 

• Superficial points: surface points (face, ears) 

• Deep points: other body points

Application time

Short treatment of 30 seconds for each point. This application time provides the optimal energy per point taking account of the physiological body reaction time.

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