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Micro-needling is arguably one of the most popular professional and at home skin-care treatments today. It was thanks to the ingenuity of Dr. Des Fernandes (Founder and Scientific Director of Environ) who pioneer this innovative technology more than 20 years ago. Respected and recognized as the world leading specialist in Micro-Needling Technology. Dr. Des Fernandes M.B.; B, Ch,; F.R.C.S (Edin), globally claimed plastic surgeon, doctor, visionary and creator, change the way the world sees, understands and cares for skin.


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It is about more vitamin A

Dr. Des Fernandes' extensive medical research in the field of Vitamin A and skin regeneration proved that this essential skin normalizing vitamin strengthened stratum corneum to such a remarkable degree that it was imperative to innovate a new way to get more vitamin A delivered to the skin to enhance the benefits and achieve better result.

"I found that my patient's skin reached a plateau and I needed to find a way to get more effects of Vitamin A. That is the paradox of Vitamin A."

Born out of plastic surgery

Incorporating Environ's industry-leading Micro-Needling instruments into professional treatments and at home skincare routines is the route of the best results in the world. Environ skin users should prepare their skin for the application of the powerful ingredient combinations with Micro-Needling instruments. By doing so, this will assist to deliver up to 100 times more of the powerful ingredients to where the skin needs it most. Micro-needling is scientifically proven to assist in improving the appearance of the skin conditions such as aging, pigmentation, dehydration, scaring and sun damage. 

Find out more about Micro-Needling Technology

Ask your skin care professional for more information about Environ's award-winning Micro-Needling technology and experience the route to the best result in the world.

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We also offer Environ's ELECTRO-SONIC FACIAL 

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