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With the Infrared moxibustion as with Mugwort/Artemisia (the traditional moxibustion), the same spectral band, and the same distribution between short, medium and long infrared, ensures an equivalent mobilization of the physiological receptors, whatever the type and depth. Patient will  therefore rediscover the sensations and results of moxibustion with Mugwort/Artemisia.


Moxibustion, a thousand-year-old practice The term moxibustion is inseparable from acupuncture, in the Chinese ideogram.

The recent discovery of very old manuscripts in a Chinese tomb (Ma-Wang-Dui) leads one to think that moxibustion might well be earlier and even at the origin of the definition of meridians and acupuncture.



Used for millennia, stimulation by the heat from the flameless combustion of Mugwort/Artemisia is a daily practice, in China, and also in Japan. It is currently the subject of scientific research and important clinics highlighting the many and various physiological mechanisms involved. For example, work has shown that the stimulation of specific points – bilateral Spleen 6/ Bladder 67 / Kidney1 – encourages the repositioning of the fetus in cephalic position in the weeks preceding delivery.

The old texts recommend very wide use of moxibustion, on a par with acupuncture. They present this technique as simpler, but also taking longer to apply, even if the results of the treatment are often quicker and more durable... The energy provided is obviously indicated in all the states of emptiness (Blood emptiness, Energy emptiness), being affected by perverse energies, Wind, Cold and Dampness, and also in the reduction of excess, in the cases of Damp Heat, for example. All the deficiency syndromes are associated with a decrease of the defensive system. It is also always useful to reinforce the immune system, for both prevention and treatment. External energy intake is often more effective than just mobilising the energy of the patient, especially if the latter is limited or deficient.

However, the risk of burn is even a major reason for patients’ refusal of moxibustion. To rediscover the results of moxibustion, it was necessary to solve two problems:

  • preserve all the basic characteristics of Mugwort/Artemisia in its spectral transmission

  • eliminate all constraints linked to combustion, like the long-lasting odour, smoke, risk of burns etc.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 01.56.39.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 02.12.07.png

Burning Mugwort has a very broad emission spectrum, with the wavelengths across the red (in the visible spectrum) and short infrared, with a peak situated in the medium infrared, and a strong proportion of long infrared. If combustion is activated, by blowing over it for example, the temperature of the mugwort rises to 850-900° C, the spectral peak is situated around 2.6 μm, and there is a high proportion of short and medium infrared. When combustion weakens (presence of ash for example), the temperature of the Mugwort falls to around 650° C, and the peak is close to 3 μm, shifting the spectrum downwards (less energy transmitted) towards the long infrared. The distribution of wavelengths across such a wide range is a basic characteristic of Mugwort, and largely explains its effectiveness, due to its being appropriate for the physiological, thermo- and photo- receptors of the organism.

It is not enough to provide stimulation with caloric energy, it must be heat that can be absorbed, assimilated and that naturally depends on the receptors’ window of electromagnetic sensitivity.

Further, the cutaneous thermoreceptors must not be saturated, as they are sensitive to external temperature and, if one exceeds their tolerance threshold, they will lead the patient to reflexively recoil from the pain, limiting the time of application.

The infrared moxa - Premio 10 moxa,  has spectral emission characteristics itself replicating those of burning Mugwort/Artemisia.
It behaves like an almost perfect black body, and, when in use, the emitter is stabilized at 850° C, and has a spectral peak to 2,6 μm. 

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